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The concept for this fixture comes from England. They have long been used throughout the country. I’ve been refining and adding features to the basic design throughout my 34 years of building frames. The latest version is laser cut and markings etched out of 304 stainless steel.

Londoner F.W. Evans in his advertising catalog from before WWII promoted its advantages over doing a full-scale drawing. It is easier to move things around than get out the eraser after analyzing the frame design process. It is very intuitive because you see exactly what you are designing.


This fixture essentially does 3 things:
1. It is an easy way to design a frame using the actual seat, seatpost and stem held in the fixture in their bicycle position (usually after a fit session). The tube representative pieces are moved to match the placement of those components. There is no need to know trigonometry and barely a need to use a ruler or protractor because everything is calibrated.
2. It is simple to check the accuracy of miters because a top tube or down tube can be placed against the firmly held head and seat tubes to see if they line up with their fixture representatives.
3. It can accurately spot braze the main triangle together because the adjustable V blocks can move incrementally to place all tubes on the same centerline.


There are 3 configurations:
1. The basic configuration costs $1500. Step and taper cones hold the head and seat tubes. The top and down tube are held in place with lugs.
2. The accessories to indicate bottom bracket drop, fork rake and top tube straddle height and the device to level the top tube or set it at various angles costs an additional $200.
3. The adjustable V block holding system costs $600. It allows for various diameter tubing to be used as well as to make adjustments for material quality variations (for example to accommodate the different distances from the center of a tube to the face pf the bottom bracket)

Configuration 1   $1,500
Configuration 2   $1,700
Configuration 3   $2,300


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