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JUNE 27 - JULY 10, 2006

Arriving and departure dates are flexible if you want to stop over in Western Europe or stay longer in Ukraine.


A variety of airlines fly into Kiev, Ukraine, including KLM, British Airlines, Aeroflot. Most participents choose KLM/ Northwest with a stopover in Amsterdam. Because of the small size of the group we don't meet minimum requirements for group rates.

Airline tickets can be purchased directly from the airline, through your local travel agent or through a ticket discounter like Flight Coordinators at 1-800-544-3644.

Port Travel Agency, 2057 West Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60622, (312) 829-4032 specialize in getting tickets for travel to Russian speaking countries.


Visa:   recent regulation changes no longer require a visa to enter Ukraine
Time Zone:   GM/UTC +2 (7 hours ahead of New York and 10 hours ahead of the west coast)
Dialing Code:   380
Electricity:   220V, 50Hz. (two round prong plug, 18 mm apart)
Baggage:   Northwest/KLM overseas travel allows for 2 checked bags, 50 lbs each, one of them can be your boxed bike without it being an extra charge. Other airlines may have different requirements. Check with your chosen airline.
Water/Drinks:   We drink filtered water on the trip. Bringing an energy drink like Gateraid is a good idea
Accomodation:   We sleep in local churches which provide bedding (mattress, sheets, blanket and pillow). While in Kiev our accomdations are in a dormitory-like setting.