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Most participants bring their own bicycles to use. KLM airlines doesn't charge extra to check a bicycle box but it does count as one of the two pieces of allowed luggage. It is more common to bring a road bike but many have successfully ridden mountain style bicycles.

Road conditions are fairly good in Ukraine except in some cities where pot holes can be common and the smaller roads going to some church locations aren't always paved.

Some have taken their older second bike or bought a used touring bike on eBay and left them for our bicycle project use in Ukraine . There are a number of these bikes that are kept in the bike shop at the Union compound that are available if someone isn't able to bring a bicycle with them.


It is recommended but not essential to put wider tires on a road bike. A 700 X 28 tire is about the biggest size that will fit on bicycles that come equipped with brakes that have the most common 39 mm to 49 mm reach (the distance from the center bolt to the brake shoes). If the tire is any bigger, it will rub on the bottom of the brake. Older or touring style bikes with 47 mm to 57 mm brakes can use a 32 mm or 35 mm tire. Brakes will often have their reach dimensions written on the back. They can also be measured with a small ruler to determine what reach they have.

Contact Doug Fattic for suggestions on new or used bicycles appropriate for this tour.